Food for Thought and Food for Skin

Your Bod will thank you for it!
Beautiful young woman receiving facial mask of strawberry in bea

Chances are your kitchen now holds a trip to the spa… without the cost and the time away from FB and other necessities of life. We did a quick peek here at the EdgyPlate offices, and sure ’nuff, we can have several of the 10 Foods That Could Be on Your Face, ample supplies for a facial kind of afternoon. Now, PLEASE call before you come to the door, lest you be greeted by peeps from the zombie apocalypse.

Our source for the following info is, and Research Guru Molly has tried several of these techniques at home.

We live in Cali, where strawberries are now being picked, and we happen to have a pint on hand. We’ll eat most of them, dipped in chocolate of course, but a few we’ll apply to our faces. says, “You can put strawberries directly on your face by mushing them into a mask, or by just rubbing them over your skin. They’ll combat oil, work as an antioxidant, and brighten your face.” And didja know strawberries also whiten your teeth?

Our little secret is that we have a kitchen here in our office. It’s small but meaningful. That means we can cook eggs. Or put them on our faces, a la “You can use the whole egg, or you can just use an egg white. The whole egg will offer a little more moisturizing, and the egg white alone will firm your skin and tighten pores. Just rub it over a clean face, let it dry…” and wash it off.

Baking soda paste offers great microdermabrasion; lemon juice is a brightener/tightener; honey is our fave. We’ve put it on scrapes and zits and all kinds of skin issues, and it is our go-to. Really. It moisturizes and it’s antibacterial. You can also mash up a banana and rub in on your face for smoothing and brightening. Also, oats, ground into a powder, are wonderful on the face or thrown into the bath. And yogurt. Oh, we could wax poetic about what yogurt does for the complexion. We like Greek, for what that’s worth. And last but certainly not least, ground almonds and olive oil are in the mix as well. How great is this list? The money you save can go for cute new shoes, yes?

Another site to peruse is, where the benefits of coconut oil are extolled. There are a lot of uses for this product, from “taming frizz to moisturizing dry skin,” and it’s also a good thing to have in your kitchen.

And now, if you are really serious about making facial masks – not just rubbing a strawberry into your face before answering last night’s emails – here’s a very good site: The mustard mask intrigues us – maybe the perfect answer for a rainy afternoon or an otherwise unbusy day.



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