Is tap water the new bottled water?

Millennials are buying bottled water at a reduced rate these days
water splashing

From where we sit, it looks as though as a market segment we Millennials are buying bottled water at a reduced rate these days, largely due to the environmental impact. Global warming/cooling/climate calamity aside – if you toss something that doesn’t degrade in three or four lifetimes (or more) into a landfill, that something’s going to be around for the next Millennials to deal with. Not a pretty picture we’re painting with all this plastic crap.

Here’s a handy little link to some stats on what we are thinking as a demographic about food we eat, water we drink and how truthful the companies that provide us with food and drink are in disclosing their sources and methods. Looks like a whopping 70 percent of us are cutting back on our bottled water; 80 percent of us want to know about what we’re eating and where it comes from; and 81 percent of us think the food companies pretty much suck in terms of disclosure.

Here’s something interesting, speaking of water: Dentists are saying that tooth decay is on the rise even though we are brushing and flossing. And the reason is we aren’t drinking enough tap water, which has added fluoride. It occurs naturally in some foods and in water to some degree, but it is added to toothpaste and to public water supplies. Has been for generations. The jury is still out on certain aspects of fluoride consumption, but for our teeth, well, looks like the verdict is…

For those who don’t like to drink water because it’s either boring (we are rolling our eyes, because that’s just a silly reason to be unhealthy) or doesn’t taste good, there are lots of water flavor enhancers out there.



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