The Vegan Way-Our Way

Millennials rate the highest percentage of generations dedicated to Veganism

Those of us with Grandrockers who were at Woodstock and grooved to the Fab Four and the so-old-they’re-young-again Rolling Stones have seen well-worn copies of “Laurel’s Kitchen” and other vegetarian-vegan cookbooks. Funny how a generation or two can change a discipline. The New York Times did a study in 2014 showing which generation is truly faithful to vegetarianism, and it turns out – not surprisingly to some – that 12 percent of Millennials are dedicated. That compares to 4 percent of Gen Xers and just 1 percent of Baby Boomers. You can read it here:

So though neither a vegetarian nor a vegan eats meat, vegetarians sometimes consume eggs and dairy. A vegan, on the other hand, eats no animals or animal products and won’t wear fibers that come from animals. No leather, no silk, no wool. If you’re confused, here’s a quick study to explain the differences:

Now, if you happen to be vegetarian, happen to be traveling and happen to be hungry – and happen to have your mobile device handy – here’s a great site that lists vegetarian eateries by state. Cool beans, as they say.

On the meatier end of the spectrum is the full-on fabulous Season 52 in Santa Monica. This is a haven in Los Angeles, and for good reason. Check out the sample menu – which in all honesty covers a lot of bases, including vegetarian.


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