Thinking Outside the (Litter) Box

Cat butts on the table?????
cats on the table-EdgyPlate

All things being equal (which is to say one EdgyPlate sweetie pie is crazyallergic, and one is a dog person. Period. End of discussion), it’s highly probable we will take a pass on a foamy latte or double macchiato from one of the cat cafes springing up across the country.

Not that we don’t stop to watch the cute kitty videos on Facebook and share cat cartoons with each other whenever a good one comes along. But, mmmmmm, there’s something about a place that serves food, for crying out loud, for a price, for crying out louder, and has one or more cats waltzing across the tables.

We KNOW where those cat feet have been, and for us, the yuck factor outweighs the initial novelty.

Still, it seems as though the idea is at least getting a furry foothold in certain regions, not surprisingly including Cali, north and south. And the west coast of Florida. And NYC and DC. There’s a blurb at that names names, like Planet Tails in Naples, FL, and Cat Town Café in Oakland.

A more detailed explanation is found at, which has a photo of some fun-lovin’ Millennials and a table-top cat in a Denver establishment.

It’s cute. We’ll give you that. It’s freaking adorable. Check out and decide for yourself how freaking adorable it is. Freaking, right? But the cat’s butt is clearly on the table.

We’re stuck on the thought of oh, baklava or chocolate pudding with even one cat hair in it. Or a glass of milk. Sorry. Can’t unsee it.

But the net is alive with cuddles for the idea, such as this from “Toss your toy mice in the air: North America has its first cat cafe.

The Cat Cafe by Purina ONE opens its kitty door (and its human-size doors) to New Yorkers on April 24, and will remain open for four days. Curious cat lovers will have the chance to sip complimentary ‘cat’achinos’ with 16 adoptable and adorable cats. And, no, visitors don’t need to use a box as a toilet. Feline coffeehouses already exist in other areas of the world, like Japan and Paris, but health code laws have prevented the trend from fully catching on in the U.S. Purina ONE’s Cat Cafe features a food service area connected to a cat sanctuary with swinging doors to keep the animals and kitchen separate.”

Swinging doors?

We love the rescue side of all this, how The Oakland Cat Town began as an all-volunteer foster-based organization in 2011.

“As shelter volunteers, we saw that cats at the Oakland shelter who were scared, sick or older, or traumatized by having just lost their homes, rarely made it into adoption and were even less likely to be taken by a rescue group. Having started first with the hardest-to-place cats, we’ve helped over 600 at-risk cats who were considered “unadoptable” in a shelter environment,” says We say, “Props.”

Blessings. Prrrrrrrrrr. But latte? Mmmmmm. We really gotta think on this one…




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