Who is EdgyPlate?

Trouble navigating the food universe? We hear ya. Cutting edge food news is breaking with Big Bang intensity these days, and it takes an intergalactic scorecard to separate the good from the bad and the so-so. Enter EdgyPlate, the guardian of the food galaxy and the go-to for Millennial culinary and nutritional memes. One grand aggregate brings to light new food stars – trends, recipes, chefs, hot spots and not spots, nutritional data, snacks, packaging. It’s all here, kept current, kept real and kept neat. And, yes, you may think of us as the guardians of your chow-now galaxy. You’re welcome.

 Here’s the team: 

Reade writes what you READ

Fleur Reade, Editor in Chief

714-882-1198, ext. 103



On the Front Lines 

Molly John, Media Research Director

The face of EdgyPlate, researcher extraordinaire and social media animal!

714-882-1198, ext.101



In the Trenches 

Rebel Nakano, Publisher

Full-time publisher and sometimes coffee sommelier. Can EdgyBrew be far behind?