Wild Hare! Make that “KoolHair!”

KoolAid Enters the Fashion World
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There’s a full article at   http://courtneyhingley.hubpages.com/hub/How-To-Dye-Your-Hair-With-Kool-Aid, but let us tell you a little tale before you rush out and buy a bunch of grape, strawberry, lime or whatever flavor packet and start mixing: Our spot-on researcher Molly once dyed her mother’s small, normally white dog with KoolAid, and even after the groomers went after Buddy with the clippers, the color held. Now that you’ve been warned, here’s an inexpensive alternative to totally permanent hair color – and since KoolAid is ingestible, we suppose it’s safer as well.


The site says, “Dyeing your hair with Kool-Aid is short-term, relatively easy to remove, and can provide you with the hair colour that you are looking for – without having to commit!”

But read slowly and carefully, because there is a caveat to this procedure: Like the permanent version of hair color, KoolAid can and will tint your skin, clothing and other substances it comes into contact with. Don’t be sloppy, in other words.

“Even on fairly dark hair, many people have found that Kool-Aid gives them some colour. This can vary – some people have managed to dye dark hair bright and bold with Kool-Aid, whereas others have achieved more of a ‘shimmer’ or ‘tint’ to their normal colour. Although hair varies, as a general rule, the lighter your hair is the more the Kool-Aid dye colour will show.”

Now, having all that in your memory bank, read this site as well: http://pharmacydeal.gr/cy/201503/a_How_long_will_dip_dyed_cherry_kool_aid_last_in_medium_to_dark_brown_hair_.html

One poor kid writes, “I dyed my hair with koolaid while it was brown too about a year ago. DONT DO IT. I had to dye it to get it out. It lasted a veryyyy long time.”

“Maybe it would be a good idea to actually wash your hair after rinsing out the baking soda.”



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